Flyover Video – April 2020

Evin at Oconomowoc – Senior Living is rapidly becoming an icon on the hilltop overlooking Lac La Belle and Silver Lake in Oconomowoc – just off the 18th fairway of Paganica Golf Course (which you can finally see in the flyover video below)! Our beautiful new community is on schedule to open at 1101 Silver Lake Street in Fall of this year.

If you’re wondering, “What am I seeing here?”:

  • The gray “donut” is our Specialty Care wing on the lower level. This will be for those who need a higher level of daily assistance, and/or memory care. (Around 0:14 in the video)
  • Eventually, you’ll see an outdoor rooftop patio and a green roof over the Specialty Care portion of the building.
  • The center of the “donut” in Specialty Care is a secure outdoor courtyard that will have beautiful landscaping.
  • The great looking mower lines that show up around 0:25 are the fairways of our neighbor, Paganica Golf Course
  • The pond (around 0:31) will eventually empty out and storm-water will flow from that rain garden, naturally filtered and cleaned, into the wetlands
  • The lake (around 0:34) is Silver Lake to our south
  • And the big finish at the end is Evin’s front door! – under the canopy drop-off.

Click the Play Button in the lower left to play the video!

Click the Play Button on the lower left to play the video!

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